Meet the Team



Hey everyone, my name is Cinthya Flores and I'm happy to introduce you all to the women of Utz Threads. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area, I have a love for social entrepreneurship y muchas ganas de crear communidad. I’m the daughter of immigrants, a culture lover, a traveler, an adventure seeker and a lifelong learner. In 2017, I moved to Guatemala with the intention of using my Social Work and business background to support the weaving coop through business development. I firmly believe in the power entrepreneurship has to help people help themselves. I mean, I saw it my whole life through a line of mujeres emprendedoras y luchonas!

I started the U.S. arm of sales for the weaving coop, Utz Threads, in 2018 and have been very intentional about serving as a bridge in support of the women's growth. De eso nacio Utz Threads! We're more than just a product, we're a group of women building together to create something bigger than ourselves using our strengths, our ganas and our resourcefulness. So thank you desde ahorita for your supporting!

Olga Cumatz is a Maya Kaqchikel woman with years of experience working in community and women's development. She firmly believes that women’s economic autonomy is achieved through active participation, positively influencing the development of communities, equal rights and opportunities. Olga says “I am very grateful to Utz Threads for giving me the opportunity to be part of their great family. I identify with their vision, join their energies and challenges in building alternatives for and by women.”