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Mission, Vision and Values

Utz means good in Maya Quiché, the language spoken by our partner weavers in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Utz Threads is a Latina owned textile brand that's born from the lively colors and cultural markers of the Maya Quiché people. Through everyday use products, we want to connect the world to the ancestral weaving practices of this living culture and to create a space for women to tell their own empowering stories. 

Emphasis on relationship building

We envision self sustainability, growth and empowerment. We strive to see the women of the weaving cooperative gain financial independence with integrity and pride knowing that they've used their skills and knowledge to support their own growth. We also work towards creating an Utz fam that look to us as a space to flex their buying power along with gaining knowledge about the Maya Quiche. Our greatest vision is a 3 way support system, which includes the consumer, the behind the scenes team and our Guatemalan weaving partners working towards economic empowerment, cultural exchange and reciprocity.

3 way support system

At Utz Threads we highly value culture, self determination and learning. We make it a point to provide you insight into the artisan’s practices and culture at a respectable distance through videos, blogs and interactive opportunities in order to truly emphasize the value of the products. We also aim to take part in reframing the relationships between consumer and producer. When you receive a product from the cooperative you're gaining an opportunity to learn elements of everyday life in this region of the world. In return, you're supporting the continuance of this long held tradition.

Highly value culture, self determination and learning